Melinda Chua as Kim in Miss Saigon on Broadway. Photo by Joan Marcus

Melinda Chua as Kim in Miss Saigon on Broadway. Photo by Joan Marcus

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Walnut Street Theatre extends 'Miss Saigon' due to popular demand

Walnut Street stages poignant 'Miss Saigon' musical: Melinda Chua's heartfelt portrayal of Kim is touching and inspiring, showcasing the character's inner strength. Kim relentlessly clings to love, and her hope for a better life for her son is inspiring.
- Christina Perryman, Delaware County News Network

Melinda Chua (Kim) and Eric Kunze (Chris), both having performed in Miss Saigon on Broadway stages are well matched and impressive as the ill fated lovers.
- Pati Buehler,

Chua makes a fine Kim, fragile and sweet of voice, but with the core of strength the role demands.
- Patricia Bradford, Stage Magazine

Chua and Kunze have dynamic voices and good chemistry as the central couple, and Chua is quite touching in a restrained performance.
- Tim Dunleavy, Talkin' Broadway

Giving strong performances are Melinda Chua as Kim, Eric Kunze as Chris, Philip Michael Baskerville as John and Kate Fahrner as Chris’ wife, Ellen.
- Clark Groome, Chestnut Hill Local

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TUTS' Miss Saigon still has power to entertain: Melinda Chua makes a fine Kim — simplicity, nobility and tenacity personified. Her singing is powerful, supple and warm, an extension of her character.
- Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle

MISS SAIGON Heat is On at TUTS: Kunze and Chua complement each other in both on stage passion and chemistry but also in tone, vocally creating amazing harmonies throughout their duets. Chua delivers a passionate performance that will touch the heart of all mothers.
- Kara Pohlkamp,

Miss Saigon is still stunning in this TUTS production: Chua's Kim is filled with melancholy and an angelic sweetness that makes what happens to her really matter, even in an arena as big as the Hobby Center.
- Lee Williams, Houston Press

‘Miss Saigon’ blends incredible sadness, sweetness at Hobby Center: The tiny Kim...has a rich, touching voice that conveys such pathos, the audience is instantly drawn to her and incredulous that such a voice can come from one so diminutive. Experience and practice factor into her ability as she returns to the role of Kim, previously played on Broadway, in Germany and New Zealand, as well as both US national tours. Her acting ability is demonstrated later as we witness her depth of love for her young son.
- Gloria Walker Smith, Your Houston News

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Melodious Masterpiece: Imported from America to play the petite Kim, Melinda Chua is a casting masterstroke. She invests this most endearing of heroines with an intensity of voice and acting that ensures there isn't a dry eye in the house. Her stage presence has star quality.
- Christopher Abbey, The Tribune - New Zealand

Outstanding Sad Drama: The cast are superb, with American actress Melinda Chua setting the standard with her gripping rendition of the lead role of Kim. The pairing of her Palmerston North actor Bradford Meurk as Chris is perfect. Their chemistry is palpable, their acting authentic, their voices complementary.
- Michelle Duff, Manawatu Standard - New Zealand

High-powered Production: For all her considerable experience in the role, Melinda Chua plays Kim as if she is revealing the character for the very first time. Possessing a powerful voice, the diminutive performer perfectly captures the sensitivity, as well as the anguish and passionate desperation, of surviving love and loss, with eloquence and freshness.
- Richard Mays, The Guardian - New Zealand

Moving Musical's Powerful Performance: Melinda Chua was nothing less than amazing in her role as Kim; every word that she sung was so clear to understand. Every note she effortlessly reached pulled at the heartstrings of the audience.
- Joan Ford, Feilding Herald - New Zealand

'Miss Saigon' flies high with talent and flair in new Drury Lane production:I was "blown away" by the powerful performances... Melinda Chua is more than meant for this role, considering she starred in the Broadway, German, and both national touring companies of "Miss Saigon."
- Philip Potempa, The Times - Munster, Indiana

Drury Lane's thrilling 'Miss Saigon' captures audience's hearts: ...Broadway-caliber cast. Melinda Chua plays a gentle, emotionally wrenching Kim.
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

An Astounding 'Miss Saigon' for Drury Lane Oakbrook: As Kim, the young woman at the empathic core of the story, Melinda Chua...grew mighty by the first act's final ballad, "I'd Give My Life For You." Cut from the same cloth as the first Kim, Lea Salonga, Chua has played this role for nearly half her life, and her experience is clearly evident, and valuable. She was burdened with an unfortunately uncooperative microphone during two of the first act's love duets, but Chua didn't flinch one iota.
- Paul W. Thompson,

Miss Saigon Keeps It Hot At Drury Lane: ...your jaw will drop with the show's performances. Melinda Chua and Kevin Vortmann bring their own magic to the story of star-crossed lovers who meet during the Vietnam War. I was very impressed with Chua, who has an excellent range and was able to make her songs emotional without being overly dramatic, which is easy to do with the source material. She is quite convincing as the 17 year old Kim.
- Kevin Thomas,

The Heat's Back On In 'Saigon': Not leaving anything to chance, Rockwell has assembled some Saigon veterans, including Joseph Foronda and Melinda Chua, who has starred as Kim on Broadway, in Germany and on numerous U.S. tours of the show. Their experience and knowledge of their respective this Saigon its legs. There is not a weak moment to be found in this production.
- Michael J Roberts, ShowBiz Chicago

Joseph Anthony Foronda and Melinda Chua (deeply touching as Kim, the Vietnamese girl who falls madly in love with Chris, an American soldier) -- have played their roles before and display the special command that comes from long experience. They are superb. A Broadway-level production all-around.
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times

The Drury Lane revival casts Melinda Chua as Kim. She has considerable experience in the role internationally and brings out the girl’s steely resolve beneath her innocence and unrelenting love for Chris. Chua also sings very well.
- Dan Zeff,

Melinda Chua’s Kim is equally powerful, deftly navigating tricky territory by creating a character who makes the ultimate sacrifice without becoming a submissive stereotype.
- Catey Sullivan, Chicago Theatre Review Examiner

Among the production's assets are Melinda Chua, Kevin Vortmann and the aforementioned Foronda. Chua tempers vulnerability with unshaken resolve as Kim. The candor and emotion of her performance as the innocent who falls in love with a Marine preparing to return home is matched by Vortmann. Vortmann's acting is entirely authentic, much like that of Chua and Foronda, veterans of national tours (Chua also performed Kim on Broadway and in Germany). Their performances reflect the depth that comes from familiarity with the role.
- Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald - Chicago, Illinois

Everything about this production is first rate. Broadway actors Melinda Chua and Kevin Vortmann soar musically as Kim and Chris. Their chemistry is immediate and tangible, making their tragic story all the more heartbreaking.
- Centerstage Chicago Photo Flash: Opening night reception for Miss Saigon

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